We want genuine hospitality

The sister unions BFFS, GDBA and VdO have started negotiations with the German Stage Association on behalf of the dependent guests. An excerpt from the list of objectives:

  • A separate special regulation in the NV Bühne and a binding model contract

  • Continued payment of remuneration in the event of illness from the first day of employment

  • If performances or rehearsal periods are canceled, the full remuneration must be paid, even in the event of "force majeure"

  • Full coverage of travel costs to and from work, a public transport ticket and regular trips home

  • Accommodation is to be provided by the employer. Either as a financial lump sum or as a theater apartment with minimum standards: own WC, W-LAN, cooking facilities, washing facilities, public transport connections

  • All working time regulations from the NV Bühne should also apply to guests

  • Guests should be released for work acquisition (auditions, auditions, auditions, audition dates) subject to a notice period, unless there are significant operational reasons to the contrary

  • Outside of final rehearsal times, guests shall be granted unpaid leave of absence to attend other professional appointments, e.g. filming dates, readings, stand-in appointments, unless there are significant operational reasons to the contrary

  • The minimum guest fee should be calculated taking into account individual professional experience

  • The introductory fee should be at least 20% (instead of 10%) of the respective monthly fee

  • At the beginning of the contract, 1/3 of the contractually agreed total remuneration (rehearsal fee and agreed performances) shall be paid. Fees shall be paid immediately after the performance, but no later than the end of the month in which the contractual performance was rendered or should have been rendered

  • The number of performances and their remuneration must be specified in the contract. Contractually agreed performances are binding

  • Contractual and employment periods must be clearly specified in the contract, blocking dates must be recorded

  • Before concluding the contract, the stage must agree with the guest on the social security status and the social security registration

  • If the employer wishes to make further arrangements after the contract has been concluded, this requires the guest's consent

  • If the employer wishes to agree further periods for unilateral scheduling, appropriate remuneration must be paid for these periods, regardless of whether the period is used by the employer or not. Actual scheduled performances during this period must also be remunerated. This remuneration is offset pro rata against the remuneration for keeping the period free

  • Theaters should generally pay the agency commission

  • Vacation is not considered to be compensated with the agreed fee. Vacation must be granted in kind during the contractual period

  • Remuneration must be agreed for rights of use (e.g. streaming). Exception: The right of use for live streaming during a performance

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