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Press releases

March 11, 2024: GDBA calls for solidarity strikes with ver.di in the TV-H sector
February 27, 2024: Collective agreement to adopt the TV-L increases in the NV Bühne
February 14, 2024: Start of the nationwide information campaign #StoppNVFlatrate
February 14, 11 a.m. Press invitationto digital press conference

December 20, 2023: Start of negotiations to adjust the NV-Bühne salaries to the TV-L agreement

October 19, 2023: New chance for settlement of wage dispute

June 29, 2023: Mass dismissal due to change of directorship at Landestheater Schwaben

June 27, 2023: Collective bargaining "working time" failed

June 22, 2023: Negotiations fail: German Stage Association rejects inflation compensation for guests

June 06, 2023: Agreement in collective bargaining dispute - BFFS, GDBA and VdO reach wage increases in collective bargaining with the German Stage Association (Deutscher Bühnenverein)

March 26, 2023: Tariff committee of the German Stage Association demands unreasonable conditions for working time regulations

March 17, 2023: GDBA welcomes decision for Antonio Gerolamo Fancellu

March 17, 2023: Social protection must be part of the Intendanzfindung

March 09, 2023: Eastern regional association calls for dialog instead of ban

January 12, 2023: GDBA Freelancers' Council is established

January 05, 2023: Stop escalation by the intendant in Naumburg

December 23, 2022: Non-renewal process begins with hearing

09 December 2022: Solidarity with Julia Preuß and Katharina Schmidt

09 December 2022: Solidarity with Antonio Gerolamo Fancellu

October 27, 2022: The power of the Intendanz strikes again in full force

October 06, 2022: Collective agreements for all artists at theaters

September 29, 2022: Positioning the union for the future

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