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A secure feeling in an industry full of passion and contradictions

monthly 1% of the gross monthly salary (minimum 20,-€ maximum 71,-€)

Freelancers/solo-self-employed/hybrid employees
monthly €20

(At the end of the year, the income earned is reported because statutory contribution payments must be verified. This is important for the granting of legal protection.)

Minimum contribution
monthly €7

  • if you are unemployed
  • In the event of receipt of occupational disability and old-age pensions and simultaneous lack of commitment
  • for maternity and parental leave
  • for newcomers to the profession in the first year after training

New members
monthly 7,-€
For the first six months without entitlement to legal protection. Subsequently, increase to the contribution resulting from the information in the membership form.

Pupils, students and trainees
(associate membership) free of charge - without entitlement to legal protection

Associate membership is granted upon presentation of a valid school or study certificate. After completion of training or studies, there is an automatic conversion to the reduced fee of 7,-€ (professional beginners in the first year after training).

You get

A secure feeling in an industry full of passion and contradictions

Free legal advice

Free legal protection

Free member magazine TOI TOI TOI conveniently sent to your home by e-mail or mail

Strategic individual consulting

Ensemble consulting in case of conflicts

Why else you should become a member

We have a sympathetic ear for difficult professional questions.

We negotiate the NV Bühne collective agreement with the German Stage Association and fight for its reform.

We promote the development of their social, economic and cultural interests on behalf of our members in the committees of the Versorgungsanstalt der deutschen Bühnen, the Deutscher Kulturrat, the Deutscher Musikrat, the International Federation of Actors (FIA) and many specialist bodies and initiatives.

We represent the professional affairs of our members vis-à-vis the public, the states and municipalities, and the federal government. This includes dedicated public relations work as well as maintaining contacts with decision-makers in the field of cultural policy.

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