Zoom regulars' table with Lisa Jopt (GDBA) and Bernhard F. Störkmann (BFFS)

Dear colleagues,

We cordially invite you to the nationwide Zoom regulars' table on Monday, March 4 at 7 pm.

Topic: Theater / #StoppNVFlatrate and more with Lisa Jopt, GDBA and Bernhard F. Störkmann, BFFS

The collective bargaining negotiations between the artists' unions GDBA, BFFS, VdO and the German Stage Association for better working conditions and working time regulations were resumed in November 2023. With the #StoppNVFlatrate campaign, a concerted protest action was launched in mid-February to show the Bühnenverein: We are ready to fight and stand up for our demands. How are things looking almost a month later? What feedback and results have already been received from the campaign and what are the next steps? Our guests are responsible for the negotiations and for the planning of #StoppNVFlatrate - they will be available to answer your questions and suggestions at this nationwide online regulars' table.

We are looking forward to numerous attendance and participation!

Write an e-mail to Roland Wolf for the Zoom dial-in data: roland.wolf@stammtisch.bffs.de

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