Collective agreement to take over the TV-L increases in the NV Bühne

Artists' unions reach agreement with the German Stage Association
on fee increases

Hamburg/Cologne/Berlin, February 27, 2024: The artists' unions Bundesverband Schauspiel (BFFS), the Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnen Angehöriger (GDBA) and the Vereinigung deutscher Opern- und Tanzensembles (VdO) agreed in yesterday's round of collective bargaining with the Deutscher Bühnenverein on the unrestricted adoption of the TV-L wage increases for NV Bühne employees in this pay scale area.

After an agreement had already been reached with the Bühnenverein in December to adopt the regulations regarding inflation compensation, it has now also been possible to agree to increase fees by EUR 200.00 from November 2024 and by a further 5.5% from February 2025 with regard to the linear wage adjustments.

As a result, the entry fee will initially rise to EUR 2,915.00 from November and by a further 5.5 % to EUR 3,075.00 from February 2025.

The minimum salary will also increase as a result of the collective wage agreement: from November, it will rise to EUR 3,115.00. With effect from February 1, 2025, the minimum salary will rise to EUR 3,285.00.

"The dynamization of the entry and minimum remuneration now regulated in the NV Bühne has thus been fully brought to life for the first time," says Gerrit Wedel, Deputy Managing Director of the VdO.

"Another important improvement in salaries has been achieved by adopting the TV-L agreement with the German Stage Association. Now we are concentrating on further reforming the NV Bühne," explains Lisa Jopt, Executive President of the GDBA.

Bernhard F. Störkmann, Managing Legal Counsel of the BFFS: "We are pleased that with this agreement we have not only achieved a decisive improvement in the minimum remuneration conditions for ensemble members, but also for guests."

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