Inflation compensation for NV Bühne in the TVöD area is coming

However, the unions and the German Stage Association continue to negotiate.

The collective bargaining negotiations between the Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnen-Angehöriger and its sister unions and the Deutscher Bühnenverein were adjourned in Cologne on May 9, 2023. However, an agreement has already been reached with regard to inflation compensation.

All NV Bühne employees at theaters where the TVöD applies will receive inflation compensation under the same conditions as in the TVöD agreement of April 22, 2023: one-time payments in June 1240,- EUR and from July to February 220,- EUR. These amounts will be paid net.

The handling of the inflation compensation for guests and the dynamization of the entry-level and minimum salary as well as the collectively agreed increase in 2024 for the entry-level salary recipients has remained open.

The talks will continue with the aim of reaching a socially balanced collective agreement. Due to the NV stage, the collective bargaining partners are obliged to negotiate adjustments in the event of TVöD agreements.

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