Information solidarity strike

When am I allowed to strike?

You can strike if the GDBA calls you to do so. The GDBA, together with the collective bargaining partners VdO and BffS, is currently negotiating with the German Stage Association about working hours and in particular about relief and predictability for the NV Bühne employees. Since we have a valid collective agreement and are currently negotiating it, there is a peace obligation. Therefore, the NV Bühne employees and GDBA members are not allowed to strike.

So what does the ver.di collective bargaining round have to do with me?

All NV Bühne employees benefit from the success of ver.di's negotiations. Why? Because in the so-called adjustment wage negotiations between the stage unions and the stage association, the wage increases of the public service are "adjusted" to our NV Bühne wage agreement. The higher the wage increase in the public service wage agreement (TVöD), the higher the possible adjustment of our wages in our NV Bühne wage agreement.

Should I still participate in the ver.di warning strike in solidarity?

During working hours and without the consent of the employer, you are not allowed to participate in a strike, including solidarity or sympathy strikes. If you, as a NV Bühne employee and GDBA member, take part in a strike during working hours, this may have consequences under labor law. However, if the employer agrees in writing beforehand, it may be possible to express solidarity from the stage after the performance, for example. However, each individual case must be considered on its own merits.

In your free time, however, things are different. Outside of working hours, we are happy when NV Bühne employees support their colleagues from ver.di. In any case, we wish them successful negotiations!

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