Start of the nationwide information campaign #StoppNVFlatrate


The three stage unions BFFS, GDBA and VdO
are addressing the public with their campaign

Hamburg/Cologne/Berlin, February 14, 2024: At their first joint online press conference today, the BFFS, GDBA and VdO drew attention to the persistently stressful working conditions at many German stages. The reason for this is the lack of working time regulations in the NV Bühne collective agreement.

Employees, their trade unions and other interest groups have been fighting for years to improve working conditions at regional, municipal and state theaters.

In recent decades, the number of productions at individual theaters across Germany has increased steadily; at the same time, the number of employees has been reduced. The lack of working time regulations in the NV Bühne collective agreement has been a major problem for many people for years. Physical and mental overload, burnout, difficulty reconciling family and career, and a shortage of skilled workers are just some of the symptoms of these problems.

"Artistic employees on and behind the stage give their all for the arts and therefore their all for the audience. We therefore need collective bargaining regulations to curb overwork," says Tobias Könemann, Managing Director of the VdO.

Until February 18, members of the BFFS, GDBA and VdO will be informing the public with campaign material and statements in public theaters throughout Germany. All information and the campaign video are publicly available at

"With #StoppNVFlatrate, we, the sister unions, are launching the first rocket stage on the way to a far-reaching NV Bühne reform," explains Lisa Jopt, President of the GDBA.

"Work-life balance is also an important issue for employees at German theaters. We need to get to grips with reducing the workload and making it easier to plan everyday working life as quickly as possible," says Klara Deutschmann, BFFS board member.

You can find more details on the campaign website We will be happy to provide you with interviews and statements.

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