Cooperative Day 2024

The Online Cooperative Day 2024 will take place on Monday, January 29, 2024

The Cooperative Day is the highest body of the GDBA. The delegates of all local and grassroots associations meet here every one to four years, elect the president, the advisory board and the auditors, discuss and decide on proposals and thus determine the direction of the GDBA.

Provisional agenda

  1. Constitution
  2. By-elections Advisory Board and auditors
  3. Statutes and regulations
  4. Application advice

Since the elections at the 2021 Online Cooperative Day, some members of the Advisory Board have left the committee. Most of them have taken on other tasks within the GDBA that are not compatible with the Advisory Board mandate. We want to fill these gaps so that we can maintain a strong, effective Advisory Board until the next Cooperative Council elections in 2025, when the office of President will also be newly elected.

At the 2022 Cooperative Day in Berlin, we adopted a comprehensive revision of the Articles of Association. We want to use this Online Cooperative Day to adapt the regulations to the new Articles of Association and also adopt further amendments to the Articles of Association.

The application deadline was December 4, 2023.


In addition to the new President, the Advisory Board and the cash auditors were also newly elected at the 2021 Cooperative Day. Since then, some of those elected at that time have resigned from these functions, most of them because they have taken on new functions in the GDBA that are incompatible with a supervisory function on the Advisory Board or the cash audit. For example, anyone who is a member of the main executive board as chairperson or deputy chairperson of a group council or a national association is then unable to monitor the board as an advisory board member. In addition, the newly introduced advisory board position for freelancers and their deputies is still vacant. These gaps are now to be closed so that all positions on the Advisory Board and cash audit are filled by the time of the next regular election in spring 2025.

To be elected

→ to the advisory board:
Representatives from
the areas
- actors
- freelancers

→ Deputies
from the areas
- Artistic
Stage managers
- Actors
- Opera choir
- Dance
- Technology and equipment
- Freelancers

→ one auditor

The Advisory Board monitors, advises and supports the Executive Board. The Advisory Board is involved in particularly important decisions. For example, it decides together with the main board on strikes or whether to convene an extraordinary or no cooperative meeting in a given year. The chairperson of the advisory board attends all meetings of the main board in an advisory capacity, and the entire advisory board meets at least once a year. The Advisory Board itself meets approximately every two months for a one- to two-hour online meeting to discuss current issues and, if necessary, to discuss complaints received from members. If you have a little diplomatic skill and are happy to closely follow the fortunes of the GDBA without actively steering them with full responsibility, this is the right place for you.

The cash auditors check the cash management of GDBA and Bühnenschriften GmbH for correctness once a financial year. To do this, they spend one or two days on site at the office in Hamburg and go through the annual financial statements, receipts, etc. together with the accountant Kirsten Lemcke. A certain affinity for figures is of course helpful.

You can declare your candidacy during the Cooperative Day, but it is better to do so in advance by sending an e-mail to


Eligible applicants are
- local and grassroots associations,
- national associations,
- the main executive committee,
- the professional groups,
- the group of freelancers
- groups of at least 20 members.

An application should contain a subject, the text of the application and a justification. It is decided by the association or committee submitting the application and submitted by email to by December 4, 2023 at the latest.

If you want to submit an application as a group of at least 20 members, all 20 or more applicants must express their support for the application by e-mail to by December 4, 2023 at the latest.

At the Cooperative Day, the delegates of the local and grassroots associations decide how the GDBA should be organized internally and how it should position itself externally, for example in terms of collective bargaining policy. Amendments to the statutes and regulations can only be decided by the Cooperative Congress, which is why these motions are usually discussed first. Suggestions or demands addressed to the head office, the main executive committee or the bargaining committee can also be submitted as motions to the Cooperative Day.

Members have become increasingly active in recent years and want to get involved in the work of the GDBA - that's great. At the last cooperative meetings, however, many motions were not even submitted due to time constraints. To prevent this from happening, it helps if you ask yourself before submitting a motion whether you really want to back up your request with a resolution at the Cooperative Assembly or whether it can be implemented more quickly and easily by other means: You can always contact the office, the main board or the tariff committee directly (you can find the email addresses on the homepage under "WE ARE"). If you are unsure whether, for example, a collective bargaining demand is already on the agenda, write to

The Applications Committee has the task of compiling the individual applications into a digital application book that is as streamlined and clear as possible. For example, similar motions are merged into a joint motion together with the applicants. The aim is for the Cooperative Assembly to actually be able to discuss and vote on most of the most important concerns from the membership.

If you have any further questions about the candidacy and the positions to be elected, you can reach our union secretary Lauren Schubbe by e-mail at

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