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We offer regular training in various areas. Also in English on request.

The standard stage collective agreement is the core of our labor law. In courses of 2.5 hours each for the curious (Basic) and advanced learners from certain professional groups (Advanced), we introduce you to the rules and regulations. We also look far beyond the horizon to general employment law.

04.03.2024, 2.30 pm
27.05.2024, 2.30 pm (dance)
25.05.2024, 11.00 a.m.10.06.2024, 2.30 pm (costume/mask/administration)

This introduction to the special nature of stage arbitration prepares arbitrators/assessors for their work. In addition to the legal basics, skills are taught to actively influence a settlement or the outcome of arbitration awards. This is an opportunity to stand up for your colleagues!

25.03.2024, 15.00 h13.05.2024, 15.00 h

This training is aimed exclusively at functionaries and will teach the most important dos and don'ts of data protection.

to be announced

To register, please contact Jane Markwardt or by phone +49 (0)40 4328244-0

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